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Phibrows universal holder gold is a luxurious microblading tool. Luxury in design, form, and function. Fit any blade into it. Simple maintenance with autoclave sterilization. Remember to sterilize it before each use. Truly universal, the only holder you will ever need. It’s gold and highly functional - a tool which demands mastery and respect. It’s made for a quality treatment without exception. 

  • Fits all blades
  • Sterilized cleaning
  • Lightweight
  • Replaces disposable holders
  • Long-lasting
  • Easy to maintain
  • Gold color


Holder for all blade types. Fits the blade according to your needs. For all styles and grips - classic or eccentric. Simple and efficient to use. The high-quality materials its made from having the PhiBrows stamp of approval. Maintain it simply with autoclave sterilization. A luxurious tool for magnificent strokes.


Use it to fit .18 blades, U-blades or even microneedles in it. It reassures your clients that your services are their favorite. Light as their decision to book your treatment. Functional as your ability to triple your income. A game changer. The gold color calls for experimentation. But only to refine your service. A Phibrows universal holder that brings a richer experience to each stroke. Designed for an artist focused on success. It makes you efficient, functional and precise. Deliver the service like nobody else.  


This is a gold Phibrows universal holder. It calls for luxury and delivers luxury. You are about to deliver it. All you have to do is buy it for only 61$. Never before could a single tool generate so much income. It’s on you to deliver it. Press the button and this life can be yours.

PhiBrows™ Universal Holder Gold

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